Credit lending as a service

PayMachine works with businesses to help people pay and get paid using secured business credit.

Offer affordable credit through our lending marketplace

Help employees with on demand pay

Grow your customer base by offering credit

Free access to our lending platform

Deliver credit instantly without investing in change

PayMachine provides in app credit to users so they can meet daily financial and lifestyle needs.
  • Easy Access

  • Easy Funding

  • Easy Reporting

  • Easy Payments

  • Easy Reconciliation

Increase loyalty to your business

Welcome to the on demand economy

PayMachine is a Web and API Credit Lending as a Service (CLaaS) provider. Our financial technologies enable your business to provide instant access to funds for your employees and bill paying customers.

Once integrated into your web and mobile experience, PayMachine provides a personalized in app credit marketplace to your customers and employees so they can meet daily financial and lifestyle needs in three easy steps. PayMachine updates the available credit daily enabling your users to build their credit worthiness.

How it works

Set-up in minutes

Enter basic business information and the type of users – consumer or employee or both.

Choose a pay limit

Select up to the max amount of credit available. We will track, analyze and report how it is used and make recommendations.

Build brand loyalty

Instant access to funds for your people, products and services based on our advanced risk management tools.

Become a partner

The PayMachine partner program is offered to payment processors and licensed financial institutions that integrate with our API.

We provide a revolving credit facility for a Base Fee calculated based on our internal credit score engine.

Please note all potential partners must contact us to be approved before we add you as a partner. We look forward to working together!

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